Public Relations & Public Opinion Institute

    The Public Relations & Public Opinion Institute of CUC, founded in December 2005, is an Academic research institution which specializes in the analysis and the research of public opinion and information. Our institute publishes various public opinion reports, holds public opinion forum periodically, and offers consultation services on public opinion to various organizations like research and education organizations, enterprises, and governments.

    Our team is made up of scholars and experts from CUC and other noteworthy specialists in the field of public relations and public opinion. According to the needs of different projects, we have a variety of resources that can be used at any time; a flexible and effective research team can be organized in time.

    The aim of our institute is to serve education, serve society, research communication and create harmony. Since the foundation of our institute, we have undertaken various horizontal and vertical research projects, including “the description of national image in the international communication---an integrated research on the channel, the form, and the means of building Chinese national image”, “The analysis of the latest opinion of some mainstream media of foreign countries,” “The survey to the foreign public about Chinese national image,” “The survey and the analysis of foreign media reports concerning China,” “The research on the building of Chinese national image in the new media environment,” “The evaluation of the international opinion about the influence of Beijing Olympic on Chinese national image ,” etc. The Institute has also conducted independent research projects, i.e. a survey about the effects of McDonald’s “kitchen open day.”

    We expect to cooperate with people from all walks of life, and by our joint efforts, to promote the study in the Institute of Public Relations & Public Opinion in CUC to a new level. And we also sincerely hope that, with the development of our institute, we are ready to devote our research achievements to the prospect of CUC and our country.